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Harmony Banquet Sdn. Bhd

No.1, Jalan Bandar Dua, Pusat Bandar Puchong, 47100 Puchong, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

Wen Chang Ma Cao Ji Fan - This is a dish that you must pre-order in advance as its preparation and cooking process is no easy feat. The well-defined rice grains are all cooked in a claypot, and then chicken oil, sesame oil, shallots, garlic and other spices are added to the stir-fry, and is lastly steamed in a steamer. The glistening rice is not too oily, while the chicken used is a referred to as chickens that have run wild on a hooked bristlegrass fields, and was fed with the same plant as well. The texture of the chicken meat is extraordinarily springy without any excess fats, evident of their high activity exercise. Wen Chang Chicken is very similar to steamed chicken, and their cooking method is also identical, but the Wen Chang cooking method uses all natural ingredients, making it tasty and healthy. This dish is also known as one of the four delicacies of Hainan!

Tan Shao Xi Ban Ya Hei Zhu - The black pig of this dish are all imported from Spain, and the pig itself exudes a unique aroma naturally. The seasoning for this dish also includes the Spain imported chilli powder, sea salt and other homemade sauce, and blending all these flavours together and grilling it really presents the unique and aromatic flavours of Spain grilled Iberico pork. 

Hei Suan Gan Bei Hua Jiao Wu Ji Tang - We are sure that most of you would have tried Black Chicken Soup before, and are well aware that it is a nourishing soup for the body. The Black Chicken Soup here even has other lavish ingredients added to it, like dried scallops and fish maw, giving the soup an even sweeter and cleansing flavour. The most surprising ingredient is the mushroom, which seemingly was hand picked by the chef himself as the soup has been enriched by the amazingly rich flavours of the mushroom, not to mention that the big piece of mushroom also provides a juicy and chewy texture, so each bite and sip of soup is immensely enjoyable. 

Hong Ji Luo Yu - Hong Ji Luo Yu' is the main character for the day! Taiwanese refer to them as 'Hong Ji Luo Yu', while most of the Sarawak locals named them 'Wang Bu Liao'. Does that name ring any bells? Especially as it is priced at a high price. When enjoying 'Hong Ji Luo Yu', it is recommended to taste its original natural flavours, so try not to pour in any additional sauces. The fish meat itself is full of fat, so the meat glistens and sparkles under the light, not only is it appealing to the eyes, it also captures your appetite. The tender fish meat melts in your mouth, simply heavenly. The chef have also included the fish scales in the steamer, so even the scales are edible. The scales are also bathed in oil beforehand, so it is crunchy to the bite. From the outer till inner parts of the fish, everything was so memorable and enjoyable. 

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