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Restoran Ah Soon Kor

42, Jalan SS 3/31, Taman University, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Sabah Tuaran Mee - Sabah Tuaran Mee is considered quite a rare find in Penisular Malaysia, and thanks to Restoran Ah Soon Kor, we are able to snack on these delicious noodles imported from Sabah. The noodles are mainly made out of eggs, and adding Cha Siew, braised duck meat, and scallion oil to the noodles to stir-fry, that aormatic fragrance fills the air and completeley infuses into the noodles. Even after having an entire bowl of it, it is not unctuous at all, and we could even go for another bowl!

Sabah Beaufort Mee - The Sabah Beaufort Mee is very closely related to the Sabahan Hakka noodles, where the flavours are more savoury and local. Other than the wok-kissed flavours of the noodles, the lemongrass taste in the complimenting chilli sauce is also great as well.Tilapia Stem with Nyonya Curry - The fish used are also imported from Sabah, so you can't find this dish easily elsewhere. With a nyonya curry cooking style, the flavours are sweet, sour and spicy, but it is not too overwhelming. the soup base is also not too thick, so it is very appetizing and unburdensome to the body.

Deep Fried Ikan Basung - Ikan Basung is what we call Mackerel in english. The usual mackerel that we eat are steamed with salt, but the deep-fried version of it taste more like Kampung fishes, be it in terms of texture or flavour. The mackerel skin is already quite thin in nature, and that makes a really crispy texture after being deep-fried. The fish meat is chunky and light, giving a good bite everytime. Further pairing it with the special sauce, the sweet, sour and spicy taste further accentuates the fish.

Homemade Pork & Yam - When we talk about Hakka dishes, how can we miss out on pork and yam. As Sabah has a majority of Hakka ethnicity, the Sabah version of the Homemade Pork and Yam is even more convincing. The yam is not overcooked till it is mushy, but just at the right consistency and texture, with the addition of the pork flavours in them. The pork belly is grilled beforehand, so the meat is juicy and springy. The sauce is savoury with a hint of sweetness, and the aroma is irresistibly pleasant.

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