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Stir-fried Roasted Pork with Chili Padi

Stir-fried Roasted Pork with Chili Padi - The Stir-fried Roasted Pork with Chili Padi is one of the signature dishes here, and is also the most ordered dish here. The smaller slices of roasted pork stir-fried with chili padi in strong fire quickly has release a crunchy and aromatic sweet and spicy taste and texture that has captured the hearts of many. If it is your first time here, it is a must-try dish! 

Asam Curry Fish - The Asam Curry Fish here comes with a variety of fishes to choose from, like stingray and pomfrets, each with its own unique texture. But the most eye-catching element was the asam sauce that has stronger flavours of chili, and the sour flavours really builds up your appetite, overall leaning closer to a Malay style asam sauce. The fish is also cooked perfectly, having its fresh flavours spread across the sauces as well. The fish is also not cooked to shreds, and that meaty, tender and springy texture really impressed us, making it the perfect dish to be had with a bowl of rice. 

Asam Prawns - The Asam Prawns are cooked very well, its flavourful taste has been infused into the prawn meat, giving it a fresh and springy texture with sweet and sour flavours. The asam sauce coating the prawn shells have a silky texture like Marmite, and its overall taste really makes you salivate. 

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