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As much as you'd like to play masak-masak indoors, or watch reruns of Fairly Odd Parents, doing something together outside is great to getting the blood pumping and encountering new experiences

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1. Fishing at Fish Valley

Get our your sea legs (or lake legs?) for a relaxing day of fishing with your loved ones amongst nature's orchestra.


2. Take a hike at Bukit Tabur

Climb the Quartz ridge on this relatively easy hike to see some magnificent views that beats any picture or tv show. This is a great way to explore the beauty mother nature offers.

3. Take me out to the baseball batting cages.

"Hey batter batter batter!" - What NOT to say at a batting cage. 


4. Farm in the city

Fulfil your kid's dreams by bringing them to this petting zoo thats located among the hustle and bustle of the city. It has a great kampung concept to mimic the animal's natural habitat and encourages children to get up close and personal. Hold a fluffy bunny, feed a gigantic tortoise and meet curious otters at this animal farm. 

5. Bring it back old school - go to a play ground!

Transform your kid's world as they explore turrets and bridges in this castle-themed playground. There are plenty of swings, slides and see-saws. What could go wrong?




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